One Step Techniques

One Step Sparring Techniques are practiced from the very beginning of your training, and they continue to be part of your martial arts training for as long you continue to train. That is why they (as well as your patterns) are so important.

These techniques all have one thing in common.... and that is they are defending against the exact same single punch every time from an attacker. This is the most basic and common attack one can face. So out of the 35 defensive movements.

There are 35 techniques all together and you need to know the first 5 of them for your very first grade to 9th Kup (Yellow belt). And then as you progress you will need to learn more.

They are listed as follows:

Techniques 1-5 (Required for White Belt)

1) Left Knifehand Block, Right Reverse Punch
2) Left hand Rising Block, Right Reverse Punch
3) Right hand Outer Forearm Block, Left & Right Reverse Punch
4) Side Step avoiding, Right Leg Side Kick
5) Right Leg Stepping Back, Right Leg Single Front Snap Kick

Techniques 6-10 (Required for Yellow and Orange Belt)

6) Left Knifehand Block, Right Knifehand attack, Draw Back Right Knifehand attack
7) Left Leg Inside-Outside Crescent Kick, Right Leg Roundhouse Kick
8) Right hand Outer Forearm Block, Left & Right Reverse Punch, Right Leg Roundhouse Kick
9) Righthand Inward Hammer Block, Righthand Backfist Attack
10) Righthand Inward Hammer Block, Right arm Elbow Strike, Left arm Elbow Strike

Techniques 11-15 (Required for Green, Blue and Purple Belt)

11) Right Leg Jumping Front Snap Kick
12) Side Step avoiding, Right Leg Back Turning Kick
13) Right Leg Front Snap Kick, Left Knifehand Block, Right Reverse Punch
14) Left arm Rising Block, Stepping Behind Twisting Arm Grab, Right Knifehand Strike
15) Left Knifehand Block, Right Knifehand Attack, Right Leg Stepping-in Takedown

Techniques 16-20 (Required for Low and High Brown Belt)

16) Right arm Elbow Strike, Right Knifehand Strike, Right Leg Stepping-in Takedown
17) Right Knifehand Block, Right Leg Hook Kick, Right Leg Hook Kick Takedown
18) Right Leg Jumping Roundhouse Kick
19) Right arm Rising Block, Two-handed Twisting Wrist Hold, Right Leg Front Snap Kick
20) Left Leg Stepping-in, Right Leg Spinning Heel Kick

Techniques 21-25 (Required for Low Red Belt)

21) Right Leg Outside-Inside Crescent Kick, Right Leg Side Kick
22) Left Leg Outside-Inside Crescent Kick, Right Leg Jump Spinning Crescent Kick
23) Right Leg Jumping Side Kick
24) Left Leg Jumping Back Turning Kick
25) Right Leg Outside-Inside Crescent Kick, Right Leg Jumping 360 Roundhouse Kick

Techniques 26-30 (Required for High Red Belt)

26) Arm Lock, Elbow Attack
27) Dropping Side Kick, Knee Break or Lock
28) Dropping Double Front Snap Kick
29) Dropping Roundhouse Kick, Heel Kick, Take Down, Axe Kick
30) Jumping Twisting Kick

PLEASE NOTE: This information is intended as a reference point only, and should be learned and practiced with your instructor - similarly, for more detailed information on these movements please ask a member of your school to help you.